Kannan Grant

Kannan Grant

Director of the Office of Technology Commercialization

Welcome to the 麻豆精品视频 Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC).

The driving force behind university technology transfer is a desire for university research and its translation to impact the world. This begins with engaging Inventors early in the innovation process. We are devoted to educating our constituents鈥斅槎咕肥悠 faculty, researchers, and students 鈥攐n how to best innovate, protect, and commercialize their ideas.

At OTC, our mission is to be the innovation and commercial development partner for 麻豆精品视频 and its stakeholders. We look to continuously improve, and we strive to support the high level of research activity at 麻豆精品视频 and to serve 麻豆精品视频 innovators and industry partners.

Thank you for your interest in the OTC. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the innovation and commercialization process at 麻豆精品视频. We encourage you to email our office at otc@uah.edu if you have a potential innovation, if you are interested in licensing 麻豆精品视频 technologies, or if you have any additional questions.

For 麻豆精品视频 Innovators

otc infographic pathway nine steps.

Explore the 麻豆精品视频 Pathway to Translational Research

Learn how OTC partners with innovators to ensure that promising technologies are translated into successful commercial ventures that benefit society.


Charger Innovation Fund

The Charger Innovation Fund (CIF) awards funds to support short-term projects that will enhance the commercial value of 麻豆精品视频 disclosed intellectual property assets.