Welcome to 麻豆精品视频鈥檚 College of Engineering (CoE), where we seek to advance undergraduate and graduate knowledge through education, research, and collaboration in the core engineering disciplines.

As 麻豆精品视频鈥檚 largest college, the CoE offers all the resources of a major Public Research and Space Grant University. Students at 麻豆精品视频 have many opportunities to participate in funded research, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. And since we鈥檙e located in Huntsville 鈥 also known as the Rocket City 鈥 we benefit from the wealth of engineering expertise that surrounds 麻豆精品视频.

Should you choose to become an engineering major, you鈥檒l have the opportunity to pursue a challenging curriculum enhanced by hands-on experience through laboratory research, internships, and co-op positions. You鈥檒l also be able to take part in the CoE鈥檚 many affiliated clubs and organizations and put what you鈥檝e learned in the classroom to use, whether it鈥檚 building a concrete canoe or designing a exploration rover! And once you graduate? You鈥檒l join the likes of Dr. Jan Davis, former NASA Astronaut; Dr. Marc Bendickson, CEO of Dynetics; and Dr. Werner Dahm, Chief Scientist of the US Air Force 鈥 all of whom earned a degree from the CoE.

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Alumni Spotlight
Emory Eledui
BSE, ME, '11

From the beginning, studying engineering at the university laid a bedrock foundation of hard work...This was how engineering really came to life for me...when I saw how we could directly impact someone.