Once a Charger, Always a Charger.

If you鈥檝e graduated from 麻豆精品视频, you鈥檙e already a member of our due-free Alumni Association! Rather than collecting dues, our aim is to connect you with resources to help you work toward your career goals, keep you connected with one another, and give you access to current students that can help grow your organization.

Alumni Relations is here to connect you with other alumni through events, chapter and affinity groups, and alumni benefits. We help you stay in touch with the University through Alumni events, news, awards and honors, and more. It鈥檚 like you never left!

 Finishing your degree doesn鈥檛 have to mean ending your time with 麻豆精品视频.

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Once a Charger, Always a Charger

Did you graduate from 麻豆精品视频? Then you're automatically a member of the 麻豆精品视频 Alumni Association 鈥 there are no dues for membership!

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