The 麻豆精品视频 Honors College delivers an intimate, elite college experience at a public university price. We blend a traditional emphasis on arts and sciences, critical thinking, and communication skills with a practical, career-oriented education. We offer you small, inspiring classes that you will love and unparalleled research and career networking opportunities.

The Honors College program is compatible with any major or program of study and requires no extra coursework. Students take enriched Honors versions of courses they would already take. The benefits of being an Honors College student include:

  • Student mentor programs
  • Additional advising
  • Priority registration
  • Eligibility for Honors housing
  • Community of high-performing peers
  • Published independent research project
  • Eligibility for research and study abroad grants/opportunities

Find us on and to see what life is like as an Honors Student at 麻豆精品视频.